2017 Will be a Great Year for Smartphone Integration in Victorville

2017 Will be a Great Year for Smartphone Integration in Victorville | Sonic VoIP

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one of the hottest topics discussed by tech journalists has been smartphone integration. This relatively new technology is advancing very quickly, and it should be on the radars of progressive Victorville business owners in 2017.

The Latest in Smartphone Technology for Victorville Businesses

The latest smartphone integration trends exhibited at CES Las Vegas include auto infotainment systems that no longer require expensive dashboard control modules, smart home appliances that can be controlled by the virtual assistants installed in smartphones, and greater access to advanced cloud services. Voice and speech recognition was a very attractive aspect at CES, with virtual assistants such as Amazon's Alexa stealing the show with her ability to quickly respond to verbal commands.

Smartphone integration, also known as mobile enterprise integration, can be deployed as an internal, business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) solution. In terms of B2C smartphone integration, an example would be a take-out and delivery restaurant in Victorville that develops a mobile app to accept orders. A B2B example could be a Victorville law firm that implements an office VoIP solution that integrates with the smartphones of staff attorneys and legal assistants.

Benefits to Victorville Smartphone Integration Solutions

In the aforementioned law firm example, an attorney waiting for a trial to begin at the Superior Court building in Victorville should be able to answer phone calls as if she was still at the office. She should also be able to check, answer and compose email messages as well as work on documents; this is possible through the smartphone integration of VoIP systems along with unified communications.

The most basic smartphone integration option available to Victorville business owners is SonicVoip, which is a cost-effective solution for telephone communications. SonicVoip can be easily integrated with the mobile devices issued by Victorville companies to their employees; this enables them to work from home or while they are out in the field. Even a receptionist who is used to handling all incoming calls can access an online switchboard from his or her smartphone so that calls are routed correctly.

Upgrades and advanced features are expected to greatly improve smartphone integration in 2017. The immediate benefits to Victorville business owners include increased productivity and cost savings; however, other companies are able to leverage this advantage so that they can expand their operations and offer more services to their clients.


If you are a Victorville business owner interested in smartphone integration in 2017, contact Sonic Systems today.