Apple Valley Desktop Softphones: The First Step Towards Unified Communications

Apple Valley Desktop Softphones: The First Step Towards Unified Communications

Just like office PBX systems are being quickly replaced by the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) revolution, the days of office desk phones are counted. Unified communications are developing at a very fast rate, and they will likely become the new standard in business communications over the next few years, and this means using Apple Valley desktop softphones in place of traditional office phones.

Unified Communications for Apple Valley Local Businesses

When you install a VoIP system for your office, you will have a few options in terms of equipment. In some cases, you may be able to use some of your existing desk phones by means of connecting them to router or switch with legacy connectors; you can purchase VoIP phones packed with modern features, but you could also forego hardware altogether and choose Apple Valley desktop softphones instead. By going the softphone route, you will be giving your business a stepping stone towards the future of unified communications.

To understand unified communications, it helps to look at modern applications such as Skype, which Microsoft has been transforming into a business tool over the last few years. Skype started out as peer-to-peer software designed to let people use their internet connections to save on long distance calls. Microsoft has switched the peer-to-peer functionality to VoIP for the purpose of giving callers a vast improvement in terms of voice calling and video conferencing.

VoIP Technology Boost Apple Valley Desktop Softphone Utility

Along the way, Skype was upgraded to handle messages, online chat, file sharing, and conference calls; these are all functions that Apple valley desktop softphones can handle, but there are even more features to consider:

  1. First of all, softphones offer all the functionality found in office desk phones; furthermore, additional features such as Do Not Disturb, Ring Anywhere, Call Hunt, Send to SMS, and Switch to Smartphone make it easier to run modern business enterprises.
  2. Second, Apple Valley desktop softphones can be installed in any reasonably modern workstation, laptop, tablet, or smartphone; this advantage lets business owners save on hardware expenditures.
  3. Third, softphones can be configured for many functions; for example, they can be installed on the network of a call center, or they can be adjusted to serve as switchboards.
  4. Finally, softphones enable a smooth transition to unified communications, which involves channeling all office functions through a single software application. For example, integrating with email and customer relationship management programs is something that can be accomplished today to give staff members access to all the business tools and information they need even when they are not in the office.

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