Benefits of VoIP over a Conventional Phone Service

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Make Calls Anywhere Easy & Free with VoIP
October 22, 2015

Benefits of VoIP over a Conventional Phone Service

Benefits of VoIP over a Conventional Phone Service | Apple Valley IT Management

With many small businesses switching to VoIP telecommunications solutions, Victorville small business owners may be wondering exactly what the benefits are. VoIP solutions offer savings and scalability unmatched by more conventional phone services, and Sonic Systems can provide the best VoIP solutions for businesses throughout Victorville, Apple Valley, and throughout the Inland Empire.

Savings: Less Equipment, Less Expense

Rather than having to invest in the installation of costly telecommunications equipment, a company can instead pay a low monthly rate for a VoIP solution. With less equipment to purchase and upgrade, a business can instead focus on investing its money in growth. VoIP solutions are provided off-site, and the cost of system upgrades are not passed on to the business. Instead, the business only needs to pay for the amount of voice and data traffic that it requires. Because VoIP systems are entirely programmable and run through the Internet, switching, voicemail, and other advanced solutions can be added on to the service through software rather than hardware.

Scalability: Your System Grows With You

Easily programmable, the Internet-based VoIP phone system can grow with your business. New resources can be quickly deployed as you need more, and you only pay for the resources that your company requires. Conventional phone systems need to be upgraded on a regular basis to keep pace with business, requiring a new investment with each service upgrade. If you know that your business will be growing, you wouldn’t want to invest in a telecommunications solution that you’ll quickly outgrow.

Simplicity: We Will Take Care of It

A Sonic VoIP solution is managed off-premise, so you don’t need to do a thing. Maintenance and monitoring are automated off-site so that your phone system is always up and always offering high-quality, crystal-clear telecommunications. This is unlike a traditional, conventional phone service, which often includes on-premise equipment such as PBX boxes that need to be maintained.

Sonic VoIP offers small business owners everything they need to create an advanced and affordable telephone service. Contact us at Sonic Systems today to learn more about what Sonic VoIP can do for you.