Boosting Productivity With Unified Communications in Apple Valley

Boosting Productivity With Unified Communications in Apple Valley | Sonic VoIP

The future of VoIP consists of two major developments, and one of them is already here. We are still waiting for widespread adoption of the WebRTC protocol, which will allow real-time conferencing from just about any website that offers it. Unified communications, on the other hand, is already here and can be easily adopted by Apple Valley companies today.

What Are the Advantages of Unified Communication Solutions in Apple Valley

Unified communications, often shortened to UC, is a tech strategy that improves upon the VoIP protocol by combining all modes of business communications into a single user interface. UC dates back to the late 1990s; back then, a few companies used internet messaging software such as MSN Messenger to conduct chat sessions, computer-to-computer calling, faxes, email, and even calendar integration with legacy versions of Outlook.

UC has vastly improved in the last few years. Today's UC systems do more than just consolidate office conversations; they allow real-time collaboration, sharing of documents, and smart indexing of all communications for the purpose of integration with other applications. The new UC paradigm provides a business ecosystem; a good example would be the way Skype for Business integrates with Office 365.

Business productivity and efficiency are at the heart of any UC strategy. When a business owner in Apple Valley or elsewhere in the High Desert decides to implement UC in the office, he or she must stand ready to explain to the staff that the new way of doing business will consist of constant communications and collaboration.

Improving Productivity in Apple Valley with Unified Communications

The way UC stimulates productivity is by bridging gaps. Many of today's business activities take too long to accomplish, for example: setting up web conferencing sessions, composing emails with multiple attachments, attending physical meetings to discuss project documentation, and enacting bring-your-own-device policies. The productivity gap created just by the inefficiency of these tasks is estimated to be 2.5 hours per employee per week.

A carefully implemented UC solution that takes advantage of cloud and mobile platforms can sharply improve productivity because it empowers employees to complete tasks efficiently from a central location. With UC, a web conference will not require selecting a certain app and having to worry about compatibility issues, an email attachment can be located in seconds; a document can be created and edited by various employees in real-time, a project can be set up with tasks can be assigned to the spot, and a client's account information is displayed the moment he or she makes a phone call or send a message.


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