Building Your Apple Valley Business Telecommunication Infrastructure

Building Your Apple Valley Business Telecommunication Infrastructure

In late 2016, social networking giant Facebook made an unusual announcement related to the direction the company appears to be taking. Facebook engineers realized that reaching many of their business goals was contingent upon their ability to have full control over their data and communications infrastructure, and this included developing their very own platforms. It only took a few months for the world's largest social network to start building its own telecom equipment and installing it in its data centers.

How Telecommunication Infrastructures Connects Everything

In essence, Facebook is building the business telecommunication infrastructure it needs to get the results it wants. When you think about the Apple Valley business telecommunication infrastructure you want for your company, this is the type of mindset you should adopt. You can no longer separate voice, email, video, documents, text messaging, conferencing, and voicemail; these are all communications that will be managed through a single, internet-connected platform. The Apple Valley business telecommunication infrastructure of today runs on a converged network powered by Voice over Internet Protocol technology; whether this platform is hosted on your own premises or in the cloud is up to you.

The easiest and most convenient way to build the business telecommunication infrastructure that is right for your Apple Valley company is to adopt the Unified Communications model. You want to integrate all your business communications and be able to manage them through a single portal. Migrating to UC from legacy PBX systems is not difficult, particularly if you choose a cloud-hosted solution. If you opt for an on-premise business telecommunication infrastructure for your Apple Valley company, you will have to face upfront costs as well as planning; however, this could be a good strategy if you plan to operate a call center that will later be turned into a data center.

Maximize Your Telecommunication Efficiency

When designing your Apple Valley business telecommunication infrastructure, the primary goal should be to streamline the flow of all communications. Secondary goals for you to pursuit can include:

  • Giving remote workers and staff members who work in the field the ability to conduct all communications just as if they were in the office.
  • Integrate your business communications with existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Take advantage of analytics and other sophisticated metrics to improve your business operations.

Whether your company operates in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer realm, the right choice of a business telecommunication infrastructure can make a significant difference in how your operations develop. Contact Sonic Systems in Victorville today to learn how we can help you install the right infrastructure for your business.