Building Your Hesperia Business Telecommunication Infrastructure With VoIP

Building Your Hesperia Business Telecommunication Infrastructure With VoIP

For many business owners in Hesperia and other areas of the High Desert, a solid telecommunications infrastructure can go a long way with regard to sharpening their competitive edge. In essence, a modern telecommunications infrastructure involves the integration of several processes such as voice calls, email, voicemail, text messages, video conferencing, customer relationship management software, file sharing, and mobility. With this in mind, Voice over Internet Protocol systems are your best bet when building this infrastructure.

Upgrade Your Hesperia Telecommunication Infrastructure

Upgrading from legacy PBX systems to VoIP can involve a lot more than simply migrating your voice calls. Once you choose VoIP as your Hesperia telecommunications infrastructure, you can start getting into Unified Communications, an advanced way of doing business. To get the most out of your VoIP system, you should think about the best strategy for your business, which means you must consider the following:

  • Network configuration: There is always a chance that your existing network may not support a VoIP system. Sonic Systems technicians will check whether the switches and routers will accommodate VoIP, but there may be additional configuration adjustments to make with regard to firewalls, traffic routing, and load balancing.
  • Cloud-based VoIP systems: Let's say your current call center runs on a PBX trunk. If your on-site office network cannot provide sufficient Quality of Service to guarantee clear VoIP calling, you may want to run your call center in the cloud, thus giving you instant access to UC portal solutions; this option will keep initial costs low since you can choose from various subscription plans, thus allowing you to upgrade your network gradually.
  • Remote access and field operations: Your Hesperia telecommunications infrastructure does not have to be static. Cloud-hosted UC portals can serve as on-the-go office environments for employees who work from home or whose duties take them out of the office. Keep in mind that UC solutions offer features such as remote collaboration, call forwarding to smartphones, and document sharing.
  • Advanced auto-attendant features: The interactive voice response systems of the past have been greatly improved by VoIP systems. You can now configure auto-attendant features to provide callers with relevant information, seamlessly transfer calls, forward urgent voicemail messages, and engage callers while they are on hold.

In the end, the more attention you pay to your office communications, the easier you will be able to scale your operations. Contact Sonic Systems today to learn more about upgrading your Hesperia telecommunications infrastructure.