Choosing a Web Conferencing Setup in Hesperia

Bridging Cultural Business Gaps With Apple Valley Web Conferencing

When discussing the topic of Web conferencing, it is easy to forget that this technology used to live solely within the realm of science fiction.

In the 1968 epic science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey, a visionary scene depicted a video conference call from a space shuttle to Earth, placed via the AT&T network and paid for with a calling card. A few years before that film, the comic strip Dick Tracy featured a video conferencing wristwatch.

Modern Hesperia Web Conferencing

These days, Web conferencing technology in Hesperia and other High Desert communities can easily make us feel as if we are living in the worlds created by Dick Tracy and the 2001 film. Mobile apps such as Skype and Facetime allow video conversations without calling cards, and many tech analysts believe that smartwatches are the future of VoIP and Web conferencing.

Now that Web conferencing has transcended the scope of science fiction, business owners in Hesperia can easily incorporate this technology into their companies. If your business only expects to make one or two Web conferencing calls per year, your best bet is to use solutions such as Google Hangouts or Skype, which can often be used for free. If, however, your business has associates who don't sit at desks in the office, you may need a more comprehensive solution.

Sonic Specializes Hesperia Conferencing

The business specialists at Sonic Systems recommend that you consider your company needs and how they can be better served by Web conferencing. There are five major solutions: meetings, webinars, presentations, whiteboard collaborations, and webcasts.

With regard to equipment and software, a solution that fits many small businesses is a conference room installation that mirrors the traditional video conferencing meetings of the early 21st century; this room can be used for online meetings and presentations, and you can also arrange desks around it so that it becomes the nerve center of your company.

Desktop Web conferencing eschews the idea of retreating to a room for meetings; instead, associates stay at their desks and use their computers as they would a speaker phone. Many High Desert companies prefer this setup because associates get used to the idea of meetings taking place anytime.


Telepresence brings the highest in Web conferencing technology to your office; this is an installation that allows immersive communications, which means complete monitoring, auditing, and even surveillance of remote employees. This system is also ideal for intricate collaboration.