Current Business Trends in VoIP

What to Expect from VoIP in 2017 | Victorville Web Conferencing & Unified Communications
What to Expect from VoIP in 2017
January 9, 2017
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Keeping VoIP Security in Focus
March 6, 2017

Current Business Trends in VoIP

Current Business Trends in VoIP | Apple Valley Digital Phone Installation

The era of analog telephone service is rapidly coming to an end due to the adoption of two technologies: wireless and Voice over Internet Protocol. These two technologies are further augmented by a synergy provided by cloud computing; in the future, VoIP will become a standard of communications for smartphone users who will prefer making calls that utilize their wireless data plans instead of their airtime minutes.

VoIP is an ideal solution for High Desert business owners who would like to upgrade their office communications and replace their aging PBX systems. One great advantage of VoIP is the cost savings aspect that is realized by hosting the communications network in the cloud; however, even greater advantages can be gained when considering the business trends that are being developed by the increased use of VoIP. Here are some of the trends that can be expected in 2017:

Multiple Calling

PBX systems essentially facilitate communications between two callers. With VoIP, multiple callers can simultaneously participate in business calls without having to worry about geographic location. This means that conference calls and remote meetings can be easily conducted anytime. With legacy PBX systems, conference calls require certain protocols to dial in and sign in; this is not the case with VoIP systems because every call can be easily turned into a conference session by simply clicking on a contact or tapping a touchscreen. VoIP eliminates issues of call participants signing in late or not being allowed to rejoin the call when they are accidentally disconnected.

One Number for All Phone Devices

Forwarding calls from office phones to another location or another device can be easily and effectively accomplished with VoIP. The management of all communications is done via online web portals that can make calls ring on smartphones, computers and desk phones as needed. This feature is great for self-employed professionals such as physicians and attorneys who need to take their office on the go.

Competitive Edge

The virtual receptionist feature of VoIP systems can help a small business manage their phone calls more efficiently. Virtual receptionists are getting smarter thanks to technologies such as speech recognition and predictive dialing; there are features that help smaller business to compete with larger companies that can afford to keep receptionists and call center staff on payroll.

Customer Satisfaction

VoIP can be set up to ensure that every phone call is answered, measured and annotated on a customer relation management (CRM) system. It is easier to achieve greater customer satisfaction when business owners can collect intelligence from their interactions and communications.

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