Current Trends in VoIP and Unified Communications

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January 4, 2019
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Improving Customer Service With VoIP Systems
March 20, 2019

Current Trends in VoIP and Unified Communications

Current Trends in VoIP and Unified Communications | Telecommunication Solutions

In the year 2019, more companies are expected to upgrade their PBX telephone systems to Voice over Internet Protocol, and many of them will also choose to implement unified communications (UC) for the purpose of improving their business processes. Standard business VoIP networks have many features that represent major advantages over PBX, but the overall functionality is pretty much the same as with plain old telephone systems. UC is a complete transformation of company communications, and it is being adopted across many sectors, but not all business owners will benefit from this upgrade.

Businesses Use More Technology

In essence, companies that mostly rely on voice calling for their operations are better candidates for VoIP systems without UC. A local pizza delivery company in Victorville, for example, will not benefit from UC unless it expands its ordering system to accept orders via a dedicated mobile app, text messaging and email; in this case, a recommended UC solution would enable a customer relationship management system to be implemented.

UC systems are more adequate for companies that already manage email, instant messaging, video conferencing, document collaboration, voicemail, and CRM systems. What UC does is consolidate all these systems into a single platform; this is ideal for companies that have more than one physical location or whose employees often work away from the office. As long as staff members can access the internet, UC systems will allow them to remotely use every aspect of business communication. Full integration is at the heart of UC technology, and this translates into increased productivity, more flexibility, reduced costs, and more effective management.

Two major trends are developing around UC in 2019: adoption and transition. In terms of adoption, the legal, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare sectors are taking the lead. In terms of transition, things are a bit more delicate because UC tends to be a major shift for just about any business. Companies that have young and tech-savvy staff will not have too many problems in this regard; however, other businesses will need to carefully plan and manage the transition.

Business owners who are considering upgrading to cloud-based UC systems should think in terms of timing, adoption, training, troubleshooting, and realistic success. The recommended UC philosophy is to think of it as a long-term solution and a new, more effective way of doing business. If you wish to learn more about how UC systems will fit into your company, contact Sonic VoIP today; our consultants will be happy to address any transition concerns you may have.