Emerging Trends in the VoIP Industry

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Emerging Trends in the VoIP Industry

Emerging Trends in the VoIP Industry | Victorville Business Telecommunication

If your business has not yet migrated to a VoIP system, you are missing out on a technology that is rapidly evolving and improving while legacy PBX systems are stuck in the past and no longer updating or innovating. One of the advantages of VoIP is that business users are placing great demands on the overall capacities and features of this advanced communications technology; to this effect, here are a few trends currently shaking up the VoIP industry, and we can expect to see them in the near future.

Increased VoIP Mobility

Business leaders in the VoIP industry are keeping a close eye on the rising numbers of callers around the world, which are expected to surpass the one billion mark in 2018. With so many active VoIP users worldwide, engineers are concerned about heavy loads on networks. As the situation currently stands, there is a heavy demand on broadband networks not just from VoIP calls and services but also from internet users who are avid users of streaming video services. One idea that network engineers are working on is placing more VoIP assets on mobile networks operating on 5G and Long Term Evolution protocols.

In the near future, we may see companies opting for fully mobile VoIP solutions offered alongside the cloud-hosted and on-premise systems. In the case of 5G mobile networks, they will operate at speeds that will compete against terrestrial fiber optic networks. Increased mobility of VoIP does not mean that you will have to purchase new mobile phones for your employees; manufacturers of electronic components will likely come up with adapters so that you can continue to use your desk phones, but you may also have the option of a fully mobile VoIP system without routers.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The rise of internet-connected smart devices is encouraging VoIP developers to create more features that take advantage of the IoT. One feature that has been recently tested and is ready to be offered at the commercial level is available for commercial vehicle fleets with modern models equipped with IoT diagnostic sensors. When your company cars or trucks need service, you can be notified about the issue through VoIP messaging; this notification can also be shared with auto shops so that they can schedule a time when they can work on the vehicles. Essentially, any IoT device can interact with your business VoIP network, and this may include printers, security cameras, alarms, thermostats, and others.

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