Evaluating Enterprise File Sharing Solutions in Victorville

Evaluating Enterprise File Sharing Solutions in Victorville | Sonic VoIP

As a Victorville business owner, how much do you know about file sharing? If you are of a certain age, you probably came to learn about file sharing through defunct MP3 downloading networks such as Napster, which was a major influence on the peer-to-peer revolution during the early part of this century. P2P network protocols were eventually adopted by nascent Voice over Internet Protocol apps such as Skype, which was partly developed by the same team that was involved with Kazaa, another popular P2P music sharing network.

Development of File Sharing Solutions

Given the historical parallels between P2P file sharing and VoIP development, it is not surprising to learn that the modern unified communications business process combines both file sharing and VoIP. The ability to share files with VoIP callers also originated with Skype before the company was acquired by Microsoft, but it took a few years before becoming integrated with unified communications for the enterprise sector.

If you need a file sharing solution for your Victorville business, you have a few options. Secure file transfer protocol is a legacy method that requires a centralized server and FTP software clients; as its name suggests, secure FTP offers considerable security, but it is quite cumbersome to use. You also have the option of public cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote, but your company files will be stored by a third party that you may not fully trust in terms of security. If you want to have full control over your Victorville business file sharing, your best bet is VoIP unified communications.

Unified Communication Solutions in Victorville

Similar to Skype, unified communications integrates your voice, video, and conference calling with text messaging, online chat, voice mail, email, file sharing, and even customer relationship management. Everything is handled through a web portal powered by a VoIP system; if your employees need to share files in the middle of a call or text chat, they can easily do so with unified communications. You can protect the integrity of your files with security measures such as two-factor authentication; furthermore, a full digital trail of the files shared and their activity can be accessed anytime for the purpose of conducting internal audits.


The ability to share files during a business conversation can give your Victorville company the competitive edge it really needs. For more information about implementing unified communications and file sharing for your Victorville business, contact a Sonic VoIP consultant today.