Five Misconceptions About VoIP Technology

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Using VoIP to Improve Customer-Centric Strategies
June 4, 2018
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August 3, 2018

Five Misconceptions About VoIP Technology

Five Misconceptions About VoIP Technology | Local Business Solutions

Although Voice over Internet Protocol has been around for a couple of decades, a few business owners have not upgraded to this technology because of misconceptions they may have heard about the functionality and features offered by VoIP systems. In some cases, inaccurate information about VoIP technology is spread by providers of legacy PBX systems concerned about losing business to VoIP technology.

With the above in mind, here are five of the most common inaccuracies mentioned about VoIP:

VoIP Service is Unreliable

There was a time when internet connections did not offer enough bandwidth and reliable quality of service to handle high-quality voice calls, but that has not been the case since about 2010 when broadband access providers in the United States started measuring speeds in gigabits instead of megabits per second. Aside from faster connections, hosted VoIP providers thoroughly test office networks and offer uptime standards higher than 99 percent for the purpose of ensuring the reliability of their services.

Additional Costs Make VoIP Systems Expensive

When compared to legacy PBX, the monthly savings provided by VoIP systems range between 20 and 50 percent per month. Even when business owners choose to purchase new, high-end VoIP headsets, the initial investment will pay for itself down the line; however, there is always the option to use affordable adapters and take advantage of existing equipment for maximum savings.

VoIP Systems Require Hiring Specialized Network Administrators

Unless business owners and managers decide to build and manage VoIP networks completely on their own, there is no need to hire additional IT staff members; in fact, a hosted VoIP solution is remotely managed by network administrators who specialize in this field of communications, and who provide technical support at all levels. This is a great advantage of hosted VoIP packages since business owners do not have to worry about troubleshooting or upgrading their systems.

Smartphones Make VoIP Systems Obsolete

VoIP systems actually enhance smartphones with the functionality of making and receiving calls as if they were office headsets. When the system is based on the new Unified Communications protocol, managers and employees can access web portals that allow them to check more than just phone calls; they can also manage their voicemail, internet chat, and email messages.

VoIP Systems Require Setting Up New and Separate Networks

As long as the existing office network can efficiently handle the VoIP system, it can be configured without additional hardware or even virtual instances. In the case of hosted VoIP packages, the network does not even reside in the office.

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