Getting the Most Out of Your Apple Valley VoIP Voicemail

Getting the Most Out of Your Apple Valley VoIP Voicemail | Sonic Systems

When Voice over Internet Protocol systems became commonplace in Apple Valley more than a decade ago, voicemail was one of the features that received a lot of attention from business owners. When compared to its legacy PBX counterpart, VoIP voicemail is far more advanced, and it can provide a considerable business advantage when it is used adequately. While it is true that email, text messaging, social networking, and internet chat have largely displaced voicemail, Apple Valley business owners should not ignore the power of this traditional communications tool.

If voice calling is a business process used by your Apple Valley company for the purpose of selling, you will want to get the most out of your VoIP voicemail. Here are a few strategies you may want to follow in relation to voicemail.

Voicemail Should Be Expected

Jill Konrath, a former Xerox sales executive who became a sales strategist in 2007, is one of the most respected voices in the field of business-to-business sales, and her research indicates that more than 90 percent of sales calls these days end up going to voicemail. Based on this statistic, many sales managers program their auto-dialer software to jump to the next call when a voicemail greeting is detected; unfortunately, this is a clearly missed opportunity. If you ignore the opportunity to leave a voicemail, your Apple Valley company is being denied a chance to make a sale.

Pay Attention to All Your Messages

In the past, Apple Valley business owners dreaded reviewing their voicemail because doing so on legacy PBX systems was frustrating. VoIP voicemail makes it easier to go through dozens of messages that can be sorted, organized and flagged for closer evaluation. You never know when an important message will be left on your VoIP voicemail system; in the Hollywood film industry, for example, producers at major studios are known to only work with professionals who take time to listen and respond to voicemail.

Pay Attention to Context

Instruct your salespeople to provide context when leaving voicemail messages; this means standing out from the business crowd by not following standard scripts. Examples of context may include mentioning LinkedIn when applicable.


Automate Voicemail When Applicable

If your Apple Valley company is handling a sizable cold calling campaign, you can configure your VoIP voicemail in a way that it automates the process of leaving a message. Naturally, you will want to craft an effective script to be recorded with quality audio.