Getting the Most Out of Your Hesperia Digital Receptionist

Getting the Most Out of Your Hesperia Digital Receptionist | Local Business VoIP Connections

Of the numerous business features your Hesperia company can gain by switching from PBX to a Voice over Internet Protocol phone system, the digital receptionist is one of the most overlooked. With a Hesperia digital receptionist, customers who call your business can be transferred to specific extensions handled by key employees or departments; depending on how this feature is configured, you can also provide information, broadcast important announcements and improve the professional image of your company.

The History of Digital Receptionists for Hesperia Businesses

In the PBX days, Hesperia digital receptionists were known as auto attendants or interactive voice response systems; these were very expensive features that were not commonly affordable to small business owners. Thanks to VoIP technology, a Hesperia digital receptionist is a communications asset that just about every business can afford.

A Hesperia digital receptionist can be configured as an auto attendant and as an IVR at the same time. Voice recognition software modules are not always necessary to run IVR features in VoIP systems; the input and response actions can be managed with the touch tones emitted by the keypad. When VoIP is integrated with customer relationship management systems, a Hesperia digital receptionist can become a strategic asset; for example, a pizza delivery business can use advanced caller ID recognition to offer callers the option of placing the same previous order to the same previous address. If the CRM system has connected delivery of two large Neapolitan pizzas to a Willow Oaks Estates address, the new order can be automated when the caller taps “1” on her smartphone keypad.

Additional Business Benefits of Hesperia Digital Receptionists

Another business benefit provided by a Hesperia digital receptionist is the ability to record and deliver important company announcements to customers. If your company offers technical support for certain devices, a message about available upgrades or known issues can be played to callers when they ask to be transferred to a technician.

With a Hesperia digital receptionist, your business can have a 24-hour presence; instead of routing calls directly to a mobile phone of employees who are not at their desks, the digital receptionist can greet callers, let them know that they are reaching the office outside of business hours, and play hold music while the VoIP system tries to reach someone.


The main goal of a Hesperia digital receptionist is to let customers know that their calls are important and that they will be handled appropriately. For more information on this feature, contact Sonic Systems in Victorville today.