How a Victorville VoIP Fax System Works

How a Victorville VoIP Fax System Works | High Desert Sonic Systems

Technology historians are often surprised to learn how certain developments failed to make their intended splash because they were way ahead of their time. When the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, introduced the first iPhone in 2007, most people did not remember that networking giant Cisco had already marketed an advanced desk phone with that name. The original iPhone was released in 1998; it was a landline phone with a QWERTY keyboard and a VGA screen that offered email and web browsing, but it was largely ignored because it could not handle faxing.

The History of Integrating Fax Technology

Cisco eventually sued Apple for trademark infringement, and the case was settled out of court. The iPhone dethroned BlackBerry as the favorite mobile device among business users, and the paperless office concept was bolstered by the prospect of never having to deal with faxes again. More than a decade after the iPhone changed the way we communicate, faxing is still a business process practiced at many law firms, banks, clinics, and real estate offices.

According to a 2019 survey conducted by International Data Corporation, 82% of business owners in the United States have noticed an increase in their use of faxed documents. This is a surprising trend when considering that faxing was considered an obsolete practice just a few years ago, but it should be noted Voice over Internet Protocol systems has largely replaced fax machines.

Modern Victorville VoIP Systems Can Handle Faxing

A modern Victorville VoIP fax system does not require a bulky machine or even a legacy telephone line. If you have implemented a paperless office policy in your Victorville office, a VoIP fax system is a smart choice because it can bridge a traditional means of business communications without forcing you to print on paper. VoIP integrates faxing with your voice calls, email messages, voice mail, conference calls, and messages; everything is handled as digital files, and you don't even need a scanner to send faxes because you can always use your smartphone camera instead.


Since documents are handled as digital files in a Victorville VoIP fax system, the faxes you receive can easily become email attachments, and they can also be displayed, analyzed, improved, or annotated using image editing software. In some cases, digital fax documents can be converted to text with optical character recognition (OCR) software. For more information about Victorville VoIP fax systems, contact our office today.