How Hesperia File Sharing Over VoIP Can Help Your Business

How Hesperia File Sharing Over VoIP Can Help Your Business | Sonic VoIP

Consolidating office communications is part of a business trend that is clearly on the rise. The sheer growth of Voice over Internet Protocol adoption in the present decade can be attributed in large part to Unified Communications (UC), a new business process that offers features such as video conferencing, CRM integration, instant messaging, voice mail, and file sharing for your Hesperia companies. To understand how UC can improve your business, it helps to review a few case studies on team collaboration.

Business Are Successfully Switching to VoIP

In 2016, a Maryland law firm with 12 offices and more than 170 employees decided to retire its PBX system in favor of VoIP plus UC. The cost savings was immediate because a 12-office PBX system requires quite a bit of maintenance, but the real benefit was realized when partners, associates and support staff members were able to access a single web portal for their voice calls, email, instant messages, voice mail, and case files. Being able to send a chat request via smartphone for a document and see the document attached to the response later resulted in a major productivity boost for the law firm staff.

Earlier this year, a Colorado title insurance agency was forced to shut down their two offices because of major snowstorms in Boulder and Denver; however, the business ran nearly as usual because the company had already upgraded to VoIP and UC. Property title searches and abstracting are activities that require a fair amount of document review, and the title insurance agents in this case were able to access the UC portal from their home PCs and laptops, thus being able to tap into the file-sharing feature of their new communications system.

Unified Communications Sets Your Business on the Path to the Future

Remote collaboration has become crucial in today's highly competitive business world. If your Hesperia company is not able to take advantage of file sharing features that integrate with office communications, your business will fall behind the competitive work. A Hesperia law firm without mobile file sharing, for example, will not be able to work as nimbly as a rival firm that is connected by UC. A Hesperia title insurance agency that is forced to close the office because of a disaster will put itself at risk of losing clients and business if employees are not able to work from home.


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