How to Get HD Audio VoIP in Hesperia

How to Get HD Audio VoIP in Hesperia | Unified Communications

Wideband audio, also known as HD voice or HD audio, is the highest quality sound available for your Hesperia business calls. The best way to experience HD audio is with Voice over Internet Protocol systems, but it must be balanced with what is known as quality of service (QoS), which is related to network efficiency and call volume.

Advantages of HD Audio in Hesperia Businesses

HD audio can give your Hesperia business an edge in terms of handling sales and customer service calls. When clients, partners or customers contact your company, they expect to clearly hear the voices of your representatives, and this is made possible by modern HD audio codecs applied to VoIP systems.

The history of HD audio dates back to the 1970s, a time when digital equipment started to become incorporated in analog phone system; software engineers developed compression and decompression techniques, known as codecs, to capture analog sounds and convert them into digital audio. The first voice call codec was named G.711, and it provided quality comparable to analog phone calls. By 1988, the range and audio sampling capacity of the codec had doubled to G.722 to become the new standard of HD audio quality in VoIP system, which has been upgraded to G.729.

Improve Call Quality with HD Audio

Voice call quality is measured on a scale known as Mean Opinion Score, which runs on a range from 1 to 5. When call centers started to switch to VoIP systems, the average MOS was around 3 with the G.711 codec. These days, the average MOS for VoIP call centers using the G.722 code is higher than 4.

To get HD audio in your Hesperia business, you will first need to ensure that your VoIP system is configured for QoS, which means being able to handle high call volumes without jitters, echo or delays; this can be accomplished with sufficient bandwidth and network prioritization. The HD audio codecs are pretty much standard in modern VoIP handsets, headsets, and operating systems.


If you do not intend to replace your existing analog desk phones, you can take advantage of VoIP adapters, but you will not be able to enjoy full HD audio quality in your Hesperia office. If you are focused on keeping your equipment and hardware expenditures to a minimum, you may want to consider connecting headsets to your office desktops and laptops and installing VoIP softphones instead of buying new handsets; doing this will allow you to take full advantage of HD audio quality.