Implementing a Victorville Digital Receptionist in 2018

Implementing a Victorville Digital Receptionist in 2018 | Local Business VoIP Connections

Business owners who wish to get a competitive edge in 2018 should think about upgrading their communications systems. For those who have not yet made the switch from legacy PBX telephony to Voice over Internet Protocol systems, 2018 will be a good year to get started with Unified Communications and advanced features such as a digital receptionist.

Integrate Digital Receptionists with Victorville Unified Communications

Unified Communications is a new model of business communications that eliminates desktop phones and consolidates voice calls with email, chat, electronic documents, video conferencing, enterprise software, voice mail, and more. One of the most interesting features enabled by Unified Communications is the digital receptionist, which is a modern upgrade to interactive voice response systems. For Victorville business owners, a digital receptionist can improve efficiency while projecting a more professional image to small companies; furthermore, this feature also provides an opportunity to reassign employees to projects that do not require them to answer phone calls.

A Victorville digital receptionist can be customized and configured with custom messages that reflect the company branding. This feature allows callers to reach the appropriate parties with the touch of a button; some examples include simple instructions to press a digit on the keypad for customer service or to enter an extension number. For more elaborate configurations, various menus and sub-menus can be created for the purpose of giving information to callers.

Benefits of Digital Receptionists for Local Victorville Businesses

Another benefit of digital receptionists for Victorville business owners is that they can be used to establish a certain call flow, which means that companies operating call centers can configure their systems so that calls are properly routed to queues or groups. Digital receptionists are also useful when callers need to be placed on hold until someone can answer them; this is particularly useful for pizza delivery shops that cannot afford to miss a single phone call.

For small companies that are short on staff, a Victorville digital receptionist can greatly boost productivity at a fraction of what it would cost to keep a full-time receptionist on the payroll; moreover, this is a feature that can operate day and night without stopping. Self-employed Victorville professionals such as attorneys and accountants whose assistants are always busy managing workloads can also benefit from digital receptionists.


In the near future, Victorville digital receptionists will be augmented with artificial intelligence to make them even more useful. To learn more about Victorville digital receptionists, VoIP, and unified communications, contact Sonic Systems today.