Improving Customer Experience With VoIP Systems

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Improving Customer Experience With VoIP Systems

Improving Customer Experience With VoIP Systems | Telecommunication Solutions

The products and services your company offers, along with the prices you charge, are not the most important factors that will determine business success; the journey that your customers embark on when they decide to interact with your company is more important because it can help you stand out among your competitors. With a Voice over Internet Protocol communications system, you can significantly improve the customer experience and help increase your company’s bottom line.

Customer Relationship Solutions Using VoIP

If the costs of running a contact center have prevented you from offering the kind of service your customers deserve, a VoIP system is the right solution for your company. Installation and calling costs are far more reasonable in comparison to legacy PBX systems, and you don’t even have to expand your current data network as long as you choose a cloud-based VoIP service. More call centers choose VoIP because the money they save on infrastructure allows them to invest in the actual process of providing customer service.

VoIP systems work better when they are integrated with customer relationship management software, particularly the cloud-based kind such as Salesforce. With CRM software, collecting information about your customers becomes second nature because the process is automated, your customer service agents can take advantage of click-to-call functionality, interactions can be recorded and annotated, analytics can be annotated, and priorities can be established. Call routing is seamless; it can even be configured so that calls from specific customers are sent to agents with whom they have already established positive rapport with, and information about all previous interactions can be accessed immediately.

The unlimited call forwarding features of VoIP systems make them ideal for companies that wish to expand their call center operations. There are no restrictions on the number of lines you can set up, and this means you can hire additional agents, including those who work from home. You can even establish customer contact teams to cover more shifts so that they can provide 24-hour service.

Making the right business decisions means evaluating adequate information, something that CRM software and VoIP systems are designed to provide. In the past, cable television companies used to instruct their customer service agents to offer upgrades to every caller regardless of their profile or previous interactions; this widespread strategy did not pay off because it stole time away from agents who tried to persuade subscribers who were not likely to switch to a more expensive plan. With the right information obtained from VoIP and CRM integrations, sales managers can target the right customers with offers they are more likely to accept.