Improving Your Customer Service Process With VoIP

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Improving Your Customer Service Process With VoIP

Improving Your Customer Service Process With VoIP | Sonic Systems Business Solutions

Seasoned marketing professionals often mention that it costs at least three times more to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones; for this reason, it would make more sense for a Victorville building contractor to invest $1,000 to improve her customer service operations than to spend $3,000 in a new advertising campaign.

When companies set out to steal clients away from competitors, those that intend to do so strategically will focus on weaknesses, particularly with regard to poor customer service. To avoid falling prey to these tactics, business owners in the High Desert should work towards providing the best customer service that will keep clients happy, thereby cultivating customer loyalty.

One of the advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol systems is that they can significantly improve customer service platforms. Here are five important aspects of VoIP as they relate to customer service:

Toll-Free Numbers

VoIP has been a major game changer in this regard. In the days when only 800-numbers were assigned for toll-free calling, business owners were expected to allocate considerable resources towards keeping these lines open, which used to be an expensive endeavor that was out of reach for many small companies. With the advent of VoIP, long distance charges have been virtually eliminated, which means that small business owners can easily provide toll-free numbers for their customers.

Increased Access

With features such as call forwarding, rollover lines, mobile presence, and voice mail to text messaging, customers are more likely to reach service and support agents. This increased availability of agents is one of the most important factors when developing customer loyalty. Another VoIP advantage related to improved access is the ease of the assigning direct contact numbers and extensions that can be forwarded to their home offices or smartphones; this lets customers reach the correct parties directly instead of having to be transferred from a call center. With VoIP systems, field employees can make calls from their smartphones without having to worry about their personal numbers being revealed since the office number will always be displayed.

Customer Relationship Management

VoIP systems can easily integrate with CRM solutions; this feature can help small companies grow by collecting and organizing information from every call, which can, in turn, be analyzed for the purpose of crafting marketing campaigns. Companies that use CRM wisely tend to be more proficient in terms of converting prospects into clients through their voice call interactions.

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