Incorporating VoIP Into Disaster Recovery Planning

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September 9, 2016
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Incorporating VoIP Into Disaster Recovery Planning

Incorporating VoIP Into Disaster Recovery Planning | Sonic Systems VoIP Solutions

Switching from a PBX system to VoIP is clearly an improvement for just about any company operating in Apple Valley, Victorville and elsewhere in the High Desert region, but this does not leave the business owner off the hook in terms of disaster recovery planning.

VoIP brings about efficiency, cost savings and the ability to scale up easily; however, even the latest VoIP systems can be subject to service interruptions and outages due to various reasons. Loss of internet connectivity is not the only cause of VoIP service interruption; there may also be issues of synchronicity, configuration, and congestion.

In essence, a VoIP system will always be dependent on the network it connects to. This could be a problem for business owners who choose unified communications solutions for their companies; although these are very smart choices from a strategic point of view, they could leave an entire team without any means of communication in the absence of a network connection.

VoIP business solutions tend to be delivered on a cloud infrastructure, which means that service providers will ensure that they have proper levels of disaster mitigation and recovery. This may include redundancy, network clusters, and backup systems. Business owners, for their part, can establish some level of continuity in case of emergency with the following strategies:

Carrier Neutral VoIP

A business owner can request that his or her company’s VoIP system be carrier neutral, which means that it will work with any internet connection available. With the proper security measures in place, this is fairly easy to accomplish.

Power Backup Solutions

Aside from internet connectivity, most office VoIP systems require electrical power to function; however, battery-powered routers, switches, and handsets are not uncommon. Browser-based VoIP portals can also be accessed from mobile devices that connect to wireless broadband services unaffected during an emergency.

Emergency VoIP Communications

Having a backup solution that can be accessed from mobile devices is a strategy that can provide continuity in case of a massive outage. Subscribing to a service such as Skype for Business can come in handy should there ever be a situation of total network and hardware failure.

High Desert business owners should also contact their municipal disaster management agency to let them know that they use VoIP so that their office systems can be properly registered and mapped with the local emergency services dispatcher.