Interesting VoIP Phones for Your Office in 2019

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Interesting VoIP Phones for Your Office in 2019

Interesting VoIP Phones for Your Office in 2019 | Telecommunication Solutions

Installing a Voice over Internet Protocol system gives you the flexibility of managing your office communications with or without dedicated devices. In the past, desk phones were a hard requirement of PBX systems; with VoIP, you can adapt your legacy phones, use headsets connected to computers, assign voice calls to smartphones, or take advantage of modern IP phones.

At their most basic functionality, VoIP phones are handsets that handle voice calls; the same can be said about smartphones, but we all know that modern mobile devices allow us to get more done because they are essentially portable computers. Advanced IP phones combine hardware and software that also make them comparable to computers; in fact, many of them run on Android and Linux operating systems. Should you opt to get VoIP handsets for your office, here are some modern devices to consider:

Avaya 9600 Series

The advantage of this established line of VoIP desk phones, which date back to 2006, is that they follow an enterprise philosophy everyone will feel familiar with. These Linux-based phones have been installed by the majority of Fortune 500 firms, and they are often used by companies that prefer to configure handsets they can give to remote workers. HD audio, conference calls, recording, routing, speed dialing, and virtually all standard enterprise communications features are supported. These robust phones can be affordably acquired in the refurbished and used markets, but you should know that a vulnerability was discovered in 2019, which means you should make sure that the appropriate security patch is applied.

Cisco SPA525G2

This is the type of VoIP phone you expect to see on the desk of a Fortune 100 CEO. The SPA525G2 is a five-line phone packed with enough features to make it as useful as a smartphone. The built-in Wi-Fi connector means you can easily operate and relocate this phone without having to worry about cables. Video calling and full integration with Unified Communications (UC) applications justify the high cost of this device.

Cisco DX 650 Video IP Phone

The combination of an Android platform, a 7-inch color display, and Bluetooth connectivity make this VoIP phone the most advanced on this list. You will have to install the Cisco Unified Call Manager cloud infrastructure to get the most from this device, which is ideal for users who need to constantly synchronize their mobile and office work. Cisco cloud apps can be accessed right from this phone.

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