Learning About VoIP Business Service in Victorville and the High Desert

Learning About VoIP Business Service in Victorville and the High Desert

Some local business owners in Victorville and the High Desert area may find it hard to believe that VoIP service has been around for twenty years, which means that it is hardly a new technology.

Business Owners Are Adopting VoIP

What is amazing about VoIP service is that its rate of adoption among local Victorville business owners has been slower than expected when compared to personal use. Even though business-grade VoIP has developed at a very high rate, individuals are more likely to use VoIP apps from their personal desktops, laptops and smartphones than from their offices.

In general terms, VoIP is a technology that takes advantage of the Internet Protocol to improve upon traditional telephony. In VoIP, voice calls from Victorville are routed over IP networks as data packets at a significantly lower cost than on legacy systems. Similar to the early days of mobile phones, the very first VoIP calls were not very promising in terms of quality.

Two decades later, VoIP service has vastly improved in terms of quality, features, and efficiency. A local business in Victorville can save up to 50 percent on monthly telephone bills when switching to VoIP, and the advanced features can improve operations.

Quality, Features, Efficiency

It is important to understand that enterprise VoIP packages require an Internet connection as well as equipment and a service plan. In some cases, legacy equipment can be converted to VoIP by means of analog telephone adapters that can extend the life of traditional office phones.

There is more to VoIP than its low-cost advantage. One exciting feature of VoIP is click-to-call, which is an online marketing integration. With click-to-call, prospective customers who are searching the Internet for goods and services in Victorville and across the High Desert can connect from their mobile devices without having to dial or remember a telephone number.

Internet search giant Google has already incorporated click-to-call on its mobile AdWords marketing service, which means that smartphone users see a friendly button on their touchscreens that invites them to tap and talk to a local business that has VoIP service.


Migrating from legacy telephone systems to VoIP service is not as complicated as it sounds. To learn more about how VoIP can boost the bottom line of your High Desert business, contact Victorville’s Sonic VoIP System today.