Leaving Landlines in the Past With Hesperia Desktop Softphones

Leaving Landlines in the Past With Hesperia Desktop Softphones

When installing a VoIP system, business owners whose companies operate in the High Desert area have a few choices: they can switch from legacy PBX systems and keep using their analog handsets, acquire new VoIP equipment or implement a desktop softphone system. In most cases, the latter choice will be the most adequate.

Softphone Integration in Hesperia Unified Communications

In essence, Hesperia desktop softphones are communications software applications based on the functionality of office telephone system and packed with advanced features that augment business processes. Hesperia desktop softphones replace traditional office phones and lower hardware acquisition costs since they run on various computing platforms from desktops to laptops and from tablets to smartphones.

Softphones are the front end components of unified communications (UC) systems, which are the next step in the VoIP revolution. UC systems allow companies to consolidate all their business communications into a single solution; this means being able to send and receive emails, text messages, and online chat session along with voice calls. Some other features of UC solutions include remote collaboration, secure file sharing and integration with customer relationship management systems.

Important Features of Hesperia Desktop Softphones

Choice of Business Number: Local and national numbers are available for VoIP systems; existing telephone numbers that run on legacy PBX landlines can be ported over in many cases.

Phone Extensions: Any number of extensions can be created for employees, and they have no physical limits. A manager or a salesperson can go on the road and still be able to receive work calls from their smartphones when their extensions are dialed. These virtual extensions are very reassuring for customers and clients who are used to dealing with specific employees.

Multiple Rings: Voice calls are never missed when Hesperia desktop softphones are programmed to ring on multiple lines. The parameters of multiple rings can be set for simultaneous or cascading ringing before ultimately going to voice mail if no one is able to pick up the call.

Interactive Voice Response Systems: Being able to program and customize an IVR is the first step of developing business processes such as predictive dialing and marketing intelligence collection. As previously mentioned. Simple tasks such as on-hold messages and music can also be programmed with Hesperia desktop phones.

Call Recording: Keeping logs and recording of calls for training purposes can be easily accomplished with softphone programs.


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