Looking at the Future of Unified Communications in Adelanto

Looking at the Future of Unified Communications in Adelanto | Sonic VoIP

If you are still waiting to transition you Adelanto business to a VoIP and unified communications platform, you may want to set a New Year's resolution to do so in 2017. Although unified communications is a fairly recent development in the business world, it is moving at a very fast pace.

Here are some of the developments that are being planned for unified communications in the near future. This is what business owners in Adelanto and in the High Desert can look forward to once they decide to upgrade their systems:

Remote Video Banking Across Adelanto Communication Solutions

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is making good use of its unified communications platform by making it accessible beyond their offices for the benefit of their account holders. RBC already offers all the traditional online channels for personal banking, but this is the first financial institution in Canada that has upgraded its contact center to take advantage of the video features that are now ubiquitous in most smartphones.

One-on-one video calling can be accomplished by a number of messaging apps these days; however, video customer service is something that requires unified communications so that video sessions can be properly routed to available representatives or escalated to supervisors. RBC will make the video link possible by upgrading the mobile app offered to its customers.

Medical Research & Hybrid Adelanto Communication Solutions

Real-time broadcasting of surgeries is something that has been possible for more than a decade thanks to video conferencing. With unified communications, the complexity of setting up equipment at the operating room and at the broadcast end has been alleviated. A recent surgery performed at UCLA was broadcast to eight locations around the world through a mobile platform that allowed real-time messaging and comments through smartphones.

Unified communications platforms that are completely hosted in the cloud are very convenient; nonetheless, not all businesses in Adelanto or elsewhere in the High Desert might be able to fully embrace the cloud for reasons of security and compliance. Clinics and law firms can still take advantage of unified communications, but they may have to host their platform or choose a compliant hybrid option. A hybrid setup is no longer a problem; for example, a call center can be hosted on premise and medical records can be kept in an HIPAA compliant server while the rest of the communications are hosted in the cloud.


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