Making VoIP a Business New Year’s Resolution

Migrating to a VoIP Call Center After the Holidays | Telecommunication
Migrating to a VoIP Call Center After the Holidays
December 7, 2018
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Current Trends in VoIP and Unified Communications
February 15, 2019

Making VoIP a Business New Year’s Resolution

Voice over Internet Protocol has become the modern standard of business communications, and there has not been a better time for small business owners to leave their legacy PBX telephone systems behind. If your High Desert company has not yet implemented a VoIP strategy, you could be missing out on two game-changing technologies: unified communications and WebRTC.

Learn How Your Business Benefits from Unified Communication Solutions in 2019

Unified communications, commonly referred to by its UC abbreviation, is essentially a new way to manage all business communications from a centralized platform. From voice calls to email and from video conferencing to internet chat sessions, UC systems consolidate everything related to office communications. VoIP is the technology that makes UC systems possible; the idea is to take full advantage of digital communications for the purpose of making them the most effective business process in your company. When choosing UC to manage your business communications, you will also be able to integrate with customer relations management software, marketing automation, and business intelligence systems. An example of the many benefits of UC systems would be the following scenario: let’s say a law firm hires an attorney who will work from home most days; in this case, logging into the UC portal will allow her to take phone calls, access case files and messages from a single location without having to be at the office.

WebRTC stands for web real-time calling, and it is a series of open source technology protocols that allow digital communications to be conducted directly from browsers and without having to install apps, plug-in elements or add-on components; all you need is a VoIP system and a modern browser to start offering communications to your customers right from your company websites. WebRTC also supports video conferencing, and it is increasingly being used to conduct job interviews.

Even though WebRTC has been under development since 2012, Apple and Microsoft did not fully implement the protocol into their respective Safari and Edge browsers until last year. Now that WebRTC is an established standard, more companies are taking advantage of the convenience it can bring to their operations. E-commerce shops are finding that including a WebRTC option on a shopping cart page can significantly improve the odds of completing a purchase transaction; this is because shoppers feel more confident when their questions are answered during the online checkout process.

Making VoIP, UC and WebRTC part of your business process is a smart decision for 2019. Let Sonic VoIP help you with keeping your New Year’s resolutions; get in touch with our technicians today.[/su_column]
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