Maximizing ROI With VoIP Systems

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September 28, 2020
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November 10, 2020

Maximizing ROI With VoIP Systems

Maximizing ROI With VoIP Systems | High Desert Sonic VoIP Solutions

Virtually all aspects of business boil down to their potential return on investment (ROI), and this includes an office communications system. In the past, some company owners used to think of telephony as an overhead expense, but this was largely a misinterpretation because they didn’t know how to take full advantage of communications. Things have clearly changed in recent decades, and now communications are not only considered to be crucial for business success but also highly profitable in many instances.

The ROI on modern Voice over Internet Protocol systems, particularly those that are hosted in the cloud and provide Unified Communications functionality, is phenomenal. The advantage begins with tangible savings; a decade ago, low calling rates were the primary reason companies decided to upgrade from PBX lines to VoIP. These days, the lowest rates for voice calls are offered by VoIP providers.

The Numerous Advantages of VoIP Telecommunication Solutions

Looking beyond saving on voice calls, VoIP systems are flexible and dynamic to the point of being able to accommodate multiple systems. If you currently have PBX lines with desk phones, you can say goodbye to the wiring and keep the desk sets because they will work with VoIP systems by means of adapters, which means you will not have to worry about hardware expenditures. A small startup that relies on the smartphones of staff members can certainly use them; moreover, Unified Communications can turn personal computing devices from desktop computers to mobile phones into full-fledged offices complete with email, instant messaging, document collaboration, faxing, voice mail, and more.

With regard to scalability, a VoIP system can be transformed from a small office network into a large call center in just a few days and without having to incur an exorbitant investment. You do not even have to worry about telephones if your call center agents are assigned workstations that can be equipped with headphones.

Finally, even the most sophisticated VoIP system will present a low barrier to entry. If your office data network cannot accommodate a VoIP system, you can always go with a cloud solution professionally hosted, configured, and fully managed for a reasonable monthly subscription. At a time when telecommuting and working from home are preferred because of the coronavirus pandemic, cloud-hosted VoIP and Unified Communications systems are your best option.

Sonic Systems can help you get the best ROI from your office communications. To learn more about the VoIP solutions we offer, please get in touch with our office and let one of our IT consultants figure out the most adequate option for your company.