Migrating to a VoIP Call Center After the Holidays

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November 9, 2018
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Migrating to a VoIP Call Center After the Holidays

Migrating to a VoIP Call Center After the Holidays | Telecommunication

Upgrading a call center from PBX to Voice over Internet Protocol is something that business owners can accomplish at just about any time, but many end up doing so after a particularly challenging holiday season. Trying to expand or repair a legacy PBX call center in the midst of heavy call volumes is difficult enough without having to deal with everything else happening during the holidays; it is often after this occurs that business owners and call center managers feel that they have had enough and start seeking a VoIP solution.

Transitioning from PBX to VoIP is not difficult. The user experience does not have to change. In call centers where agents are older or else feel more comfortable with traditional telephony equipment, switching to a VoIP environment will not be an issue since existing phones and headsets can be adapted; however, younger and tech-savvy agents are bound to feel more comfortable with Unified Communications, systems that integrate voice calling with internet chat, text messaging, online collaboration, file sharing, and even customer relationship management.

Transition Your Local Business to VoIP

As for evaluating whether the current network will be able to accommodate a VoIP call center, this is when High Desert business owners need to contact Sonic VoIP and discuss their goals; our communications consultants and technicians will inspect the existing network to determine bandwidth, latency, and overall capacity. Call volumes, peak calling times and other benchmarks can be obtained from existing PBX systems and used to make an assessment of how the network should be configured. Major hardware and equipment investments are not always necessary; in some cases, a cloud call center or a fully hosted VoIP solution may be better options.

Migrating to VoIP does not have to be a turnkey affair. Depending on the goals of the business, it may be a good idea to start off with replacing internal phone systems before moving on to the call center trunks and switches. A deployment strategy can be drafted and executed upon to ensure maximum business continuity; however, switching to a cloud call center can be done pretty quickly if desired. Companies that opt for UC solutions will have to provide staff training, and this is something that may work out better after employees come back to the office from the holidays.

Parallel migration strategies will require installation and testing; once again, getting this done right after the holidays will work out better for many companies. You do not have to wait until after the holidays to contact Sonic VoIP in Victorville; contact us today to start planning your transition.[/su_column]
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