Setting Up VoIP Systems for New Victorville Offices

Setting Up VoIP Systems for New Victorville Offices | Local Business VoIP Connections

If you are planning on moving to a new office in Victorville, you should know that this would be the perfect to set up a new Voice over Internet Protocol system. This is when you can say goodbye to outdated PBX and ISDN systems; this is the ideal moment to not only choose VoIP but also start looking towards the future of business communications for your company.

VoIP Networks for Victorville Offices

There is more to VoIP than just getting rid of the tangled mess of wires and the expense of PBX systems. You will want to consult with IT professionals about the direction that you envision your Victorville company taking. If you are moving into a very small office with just a couple of employees to run your micro-company, you might be able to get away with a few smartphones running VoIP apps such as Skype for Business. Once your business grows, you will want to contact Sonic IT Systems in Victorville to talk about VoIP and network configuration; you can expect to discuss the following topics:

  • * Internet connection: Before you sign a contract with a local broadband provider, you will want to estimate your call volume for the purpose of allocating sufficient bandwidth and service level.
  • * Cloud-hosted versus on-premise VoIP: For most business owners, a cloud VoIP solution will make sense; however, you may operate within a regulated industry that requires you to physically host your VoIP system. If this is the case, our network installation professionals will present you with various hardware options to fit your budget; moreover, you may want to consider whether the VoIP system should co-exist with your server.
  • * VoIP router: Depending on the type of setup you would like to see in your office, the main VoIP router, adapter, and switch will be the only wired components of your system. If you opt for a cloud solution with unified communications, your hardware investment and wiring will be minimal.
  • * PBX server: You may want to designate one PC to run VoIP server software, but even this may be optional for some setup situations. This does not need to be a powerful system.
  • * VoIP phones: If you would like to use your existing desk office phones, a few adapters will do the trick. If you want to use headsets that connect to workstations, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones, you may want to consider unified communications and future-proof your business communications.

Your best bet is to contact Sonic Systems before moving into your Victorville office; ideally, your VoIP setup should be completed prior to your employees sit at their new desks.