Smartphone Integration in Apple Valley

Smartphone Integration in Apple Valley | Sonic VoIP for Local Businesses

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, smartphone integration was one of the most interesting highlights of this celebrated technology expo. Automakers such as Ford, Toyota and Mazda showed off new infotainment concepts that take advantage of a future universal standard that will essentially allow drivers to seamlessly integrate their wireless communications whenever they are behind the wheel.

How Are Smartphones & Tablets Already Used in the Workplace?

Another example of smartphone and tablet integration was demonstrated by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, three companies that intend to become leaders in the smart home automation sector. The idea is to allow homeowners to not only control their smart home devices with their smartphones but to also handoff communications functions to smart speakers and even refrigerators.

In the business arena, smartphone integration is closely related to VoIP systems. The concept of a single enterprise solution for voice communications is at the heart of today’s smartphone integration strategies. Let’s say an Apple Valley distributor of office furniture wants to make its traveling salespeople more productive; this can be accomplished by giving them the ability to be reached anywhere by means of a single number. The idea is to give them access to all the features and functionality of their desk phones even when they are out of the office visiting prospects and servicing existing accounts.

Improvements Made Through Smart Device Integration

With smartphone integration, a salesperson should be able to participate in a conference call from her office in Apple Valley and continue the call as she goes to visit clients in the High Desert area. She should be able to hand off the conference call to her smartphone, even if it is her personal mobile device. Business owners should also feel confident that handing off communications to smartphones can be accomplished in a secure manner.

Another dimension of smartphone integration deals with customers and clients who demand improved service and the ability to do business with their mobile devices. In this case, smartphone integration involves specific processes such as mobile payments and customer relationship management (CRM). With regard to mobile payments, smartphone integration may entail the ability to accept digital wallets for purchases. For CRM purposes, this may involve a mobile app that the aforementioned office furniture salesperson may use while she is on the road; she will be able to not only bring up customer profiles but also payment history, credit ratings, and other valuable data.


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