Start Off 2019 With VoIP Voicemail for Your Victorville Office

Start Off 2019 With VoIP Voicemail for Your Victorville Office | Sonic

For all the talk about voicemail becoming a relic that should soon join the pantheon of outdated communications, there is a large segment of business users that intend to continue using it. In 2018, a renowned Canadian communications consultant explained why she feels voicemail is not going away anytime soon, and it basically has a lot to do with the growth of Voice over Internet Protocol systems.

Integrating Voice Messaging Features

One of the most widely used features of the popular mobile messaging app known as WhatsApp is based on voicemail technology. The ability to exchange voice messages has been discovered by younger WhatsApp users who appreciate being able to convey emotion in their communications beyond emoji. Let's say a Victorville web design firm sends an email proposal to a client who responds "no;" in this case, there is a feeling of uncertainty as to whether the reply means never or not right now. If the proposal states that it should be answered with a phone call, the client will be more likely to expand upon the answer even if she has to leave a voicemail.

VoIP Solutions Maximizes the Usefulness of Voicemails

While it is true that voicemail is being left out of personal communications, the same cannot be said about the business world. There is a reason why voicemail continues to be one of the features found within Unified Communications: details left in voice messages are rarely included in text messages or emails. If your Victorville company still needs voicemail, VoIP is the best way to manage it.

With VoIP systems, your Victorville voicemail messages are stored in digital formats that can be retrieved via landlines, smartphones, desktops, or laptops. These audio files can be attached to emails so that they can be forwarded to appropriate parties, and they can also be automatically transcribed into text should there be a need to do so. Since VoIP voicemail messages can be retrieved from just about any location, you will not need to be at your Victorville office to manage them; instead, you can access them through your Unified Communications portal from a remote location.


Perhaps the most important aspect of VoIP voicemail for your Victorville office is that this form of business communication still conveys strong intent. Customers who are deeply interested in your products or services will still call your office; when they leave voicemail messages, it means that they are even more interested. To learn more about VoIP voicemail solutions for your Victorville company, contact Sonic Systems today.