Stop Voicemail Neglect With an Adelanto VoIP System

Stop Voicemail Neglect With an Adelanto VoIP System | Sonic Systems

Contrary to what a few business analysts preach, your Adelanto business voicemail is not an antiquated form of communications, at least not if it is part of your Voice over Internet Protocol system. While voicemail neglect is a problem that results in millions of dollars being lost by companies around the world, this mostly happens to business owners who are still using legacy PBX phone systems.

The Importance of Voicemail to Customers

In 2014, the Coca-Cola Company made enterprise news headlines when an executive decision eliminated voicemail, and JPMorgan Chase did not take long to follow suit, but both companies eventually reinstated voicemail functions for key employees. A couple of years after these companies did away with voicemail systems, mobile apps such as WhatsApp and Skype noticed a sharp increase in audio messaging use, which is largely based on voicemail. As of 2016, 75 percent of top-level executives at Fortune 500 companies considered voicemail to still be a relevant form of business communications.

Voicemail Systems for Local Adelanto Businesses

The problem with voicemail neglect is mostly associated with missed calls, and this is something that your Adelanto company can prevent with VoIP features such as forwarding, call hunt and redirection. There will be a time, however, when voicemail will become an ideal form of communication, and this is when it pays to have a good strategy to execute upon. When you install a VoIP system for your Adelanto office, voicemail should be one of the first features your staff should pay attention to.

If your Adelanto business relies on cold calling for some of its operations, you probably already know that 80 percent of these calls will go to voicemail. This should never be a reason to get discouraged; what you should do is make sure that your sales staff is properly trained on leaving effective messages. As for those occasions when inbound VoIP calls to your Adelanto office must go to voicemail, keep in mind that the recording explains to callers exactly why they are hearing a message and when they should realistically expect a callback.


With a VoIP system, there is no reason why voicemail messages should be neglected by your Adelanto office. VoIP voicemail can be forwarded to smartphones, remote workers or email accounts. If you choose Unified Communications as a VoIP solution, voicemail can be accessed from remote locations by sharp employees who can line up all messages, return calls and quickly take action. Adelanto VoIP systems can make your voicemail relevant again; to learn more, get in touch with one of our business consultants today.