The Advantage of Cloud VoIP Systems

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VoIP Systems for California Law Firms
April 6, 2019
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June 4, 2019

The Advantage of Cloud VoIP Systems

The Advantage of Cloud VoIP Systems | Telecommunication Solutions

When installing Voice over Internet Protocol systems, business owners can choose between on-premise, hybrid or fully cloud-hosted solutions. Until a few years ago, on-premise VoIP systems were often preferred by small offices and large enterprises alike, but cloud-hosted solutions are becoming more popular. On a long-term basis, running your own VoIP system would probably be more cost-effective; there is also the aspect of having full control over your office communications, but there is a single and very important reason cloud-hosted systems offer a clear advantage: unified communications.

Take Advantage of the Future with Unified Communications

UC is clearly the future of doing business. If you are not familiar with UC, think about how your smartphone consolidates many functions, starting with voice calling and text messages all the way to video conferencing and email. Another example would be a communications app such as Skype, which provides document collaboration features. Everything about UC involves consolidation and collaboration at the business level; the integration of business communications extends to mobile devices, and everything can be accessed through a single portal. In some cases, integration with customer relationship management systems and productivity apps is also possible. Without a doubt, UC is what technologists had in mind a couple of decades ago when they envisioned the office of the future.

While upgrading an on-premise VoIP system to UC is always an option, most business owners prefer to take the cloud approach, and the reason for doing so is convenience. It is easier to get started with UC from a cloud hosting platform, and the initial cost is a matter of choosing a subscription plan. As for the configuration of UC systems, this can be remotely accomplished in terms of software settings, but configuring a local VoIP network is far more complicated, and this is another reason cloud UC is preferred. Should you require additional bandwidth, for example, a cloud-hosted solution will allow you to do so almost immediately and without having to worry about equipment installation.

When you are ready to future-proof your business communications, Sonic Systems in Victorville will be ready to help you. Even if you need to keep your VoIP system on premise because of compliance or privacy reasons, a hybrid UC system could be a more affordable and sensible option. With all that UC has to offer, your office operations could vastly improve; if you wait too long to adopt this technology, your business could lose its competitive edge.