The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of Work

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May 14, 2020
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The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of Work

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of Work | Victorville Sonic Systems

After three months of various restrictions imposed by public health officials for the purpose of mitigating the spread of COVID-19, some level of economic activity is expected to resume across the Golden State, but we already know that things are not going to be the same. Until there are solid treatments or an established vaccine to provide immunity against SARS-COV-2, we will be living and working in uncertain times.

We know that social distancing measures on their own will not put an end to the pandemic, but they have proven to be very effective in terms of reducing the contagion rate; moreover, we also know that we are not yet in the clear. There is a chance that quarantine measures may need to be re-implemented in the future, and this is why many companies in the High Desert are preparing for what may be an extended period of working from home.

Adapting Your Local Business to Potential Lockdowns

Business owners who still relied on PBX systems for office communications were the most affected by the pandemic; on the other hand, those who were already using Voice over Internet Protocol as well as Unified Communications were able to handle things pretty effectively in terms of letting staff members work from home. This is the kind of communications system you need to have in place should there be another round of infections requiring yet another lockdown period; this is a plausible scenario that has already taken place in Argentina, Singapore, and South Korea. Even if this does not happen across California, it could happen on a lesser scale. Let’s say a couple of your employees come into contact with someone who tested positive and are thus ordered to stay home; in this case, you could configure the UC portal so that they can make and receive business calls from home, but this is not the only advantage of VoIP and UC.

With a hosted UC solution, business continuity can be assured because you do not even have to worry about on-premise network issues. Everything runs from the cloud, not just your voice calls but also your email, faxes, internet chat, office documents, and even voice mail. Online collaboration is enabled, and staff members can even use smartphones or tablets whenever they cannot use a workstation or a laptop.

As we continue to adjust to the post-pandemic reality, we will see greater needs to work from home. At Sonic Systems in Victorville, we are ready to help you adjust to this new reality with the right VoIP and UC solution; get in touch with our office today to discuss your options.