The Future of Adelanto Smartphone Integration

The Future of Adelanto Smartphone Integration | High Desert Sonic Systems

The year 2017 has thus far been very active in terms of smartphone integration headlines. The automotive sector has been the busiest in this regard thanks to the growing interest by automakers that wish to install infotainment systems that can be controlled from just about any smartphone.

Bringing Smartphone Integration Into Adelanto Business Environments

Other news related to smartphone integration trends include the Nintendo Switch video game console, which is designed to be fully portable, wireless and modular, smart home systems that can be remotely controlled via mobile apps, and biometrics solutions for smart locks.

The deluge of smartphone integration headlines in 2017 has been mostly focused on consumer-grade solutions. What about the future of Adelanto smartphone integration as it relates to business? Will owners of small companies in the High Desert be able to take advantage of this technology?

The basics of Adelanto smartphone integration begin with communications systems powered by the Voice over Internet Protocol. Once a VoIP business system has been installed as part of an office network, smartphones can be integrated so that they provide true mobility to your company communications.

How Do Adelanto Businesses Benefit From Smartphone Integration?

Let's say you take an overseas trip to Brazil for the purpose of evaluating a prospective business partner in Sao Paulo. If your Adelanto smartphone integration has been properly set up, you could make business calls from Brazil without having to worry about expensive roaming charges. Once company smartphones have been properly integrated to the VoIP system, you would be able to make, receive and manage calls just as if you were back in your High Desert office.

The idea of remotely managing your office VoIP system with smartphones that essentially become roaming office homes is already here; the future of Adelanto smartphone integration can be found in the burgeoning field of unified communications.

Once you have the ability to integrate smartphones to your office VoIP system, you may be able to install a solution that provides unified communications. This means that mobile devices could be configured to access a number of office functions such as documents, productivity software, CRM systems, email, instant messaging and more. This solution could be accessed by means of a web portal or a mobile app.


One future advantage of unified communications and Adelanto smartphone integration is that the business trend of bringing your own device, better known as BYOD, will finally make sense as new employees will be able to use configure their personal smartphones and tablets so that they can truly stay connected to the office.