The Future of Apple Valley Digital Receptionists

The Future of Apple Valley Digital Receptionists | Local Business VoIP Connections

Major technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple have been locked into a virtual arms race with regard to artificial intelligence, particularly as it applies to speech recognition and natural language processing. In the near future, pizza delivery orders in the High Desert will likely be completely handled by Apple Valley digital receptionists powered by artificial intelligence, and VoIP is the underlying technology that will make this possible.

Benefits of Digital Receptionists for Apple Valley Businesses

According to a 2016 study published by Grand View Research, the global market for smart virtual assistants was valued at $750 million and is expected to reach the billion-dollar mark in the next few years. Communications is a particular business process that is being greatly augmented by artificial intelligence. In the past, customers were not particularly impressed by rudimentary auto attendants and interactive voice response (IVR) systems; these days, however, they are more likely to enjoy interacting with Apple Valley digital receptionists because they have become smarter and more efficient.

Even with the growth of internet search engines and social networking, many people still rely on voice calls to carry out business transactions. A fashion boutique owner who needs information about commercial insurance policies is bound to start off with a Google search, but she will likely decide to make a phone call at some point. If she reaches an Apple Valley digital receptionist, she will not be disappointed as long as her call is handled and routed correctly.

Apple Valley Digital Receptionist Features & Setup

With an Apple Valley digital receptionist, business owners can establish an affordable 24/7 voice presence. When modern callers hear a digital receptionist that has been properly configured, they are more likely to stay on the line or leave a message. Another advantage mentioned by Grand View Research is that callers will pay attention to the information provided by Apple Valley digital receptionists because of the fidelity and clear sound resolution of VoIP.

Although legacy PBX systems offer auto attendant and IVR feature, they are nowhere near as advanced as the Apple Valley digital assistants available through VoIP solutions. If you want integration with customer relationship management systems, lead capture features, smart call transfers, and artificial intelligence in the near future, your best bet is to install a VoIP system and take advantage of Apple Valley digital receptionists today; as the underlying software becomes more advanced, your business will be able to take advantage of upgrades. For more information, contact Sonic Systems.


In the near future, Apple Valley digital receptionists will be augmented with artificial intelligence to make them even more useful. To learn more about Apple Valley digital receptionists, VoIP, and unified communications, contact Sonic Systems today.