The Future of Web Conferencing in Adelanto

The Future of Web Conferencing in Adelanto | Sonic Systems VoIP Service

Most Web conferencing sessions conducted by small businesses in Adelanto have not changed much over the last few years.

A typical session involves cramming as many people as possible in a conference room so that they can stare and listen to a video stream on a laptop. Hopefully there are no issues with the Internet connection, bandwidth or the hardware performance on a hot summer day in Adelanto; otherwise, the Web conference will seem very inconvenient and counterproductive for everyone involved.

Modern Advancements in Adelanto Communication Technology

If the above-described session is what takes place in your High Desert office, you would actually be better off going back a couple of decades and setting up a speakerphone call; at least there will be no need to huddle around a laptop and straining to hear audio coming out of tinny speakers. An even more ideal solution would be to say hello to the future of business communications by installing a modern Web conferencing system.

There seems to be a disconnect between personal and business communications these days. We take video calling for granted on our smartphones because of apps such as Skype, FaceTime, and the new Google Duo; however, we also try to use these apps or desktop instant messaging software for business meetings.

Adelanto Web Conferencing Solutions

In the near future, Web conferencing will be handled by modern browsers thanks to WebRTC, a technology and protocol being developed by Google along with prominent partners. In the meantime, Web conferencing in Adelanto can be achieved as a standalone platform or as part of VoIP unified communications.

A dedicated Web conferencing solution can be as simple as using a laptop equipped with HDMI connectors and a large screen. Ideally, you may want to install a dedicated device loaded with software that creates virtual conference rooms that meeting attendants can join remotely from their desktops, laptops or mobile devices. This dedicated platform can be installed in physical conference rooms and can be integrated into the graphical interface of UC solutions so that meetings can be launched and joined as easily as making voice calls.


In a few years, many companies will start taking advantage of WebRTC as a client service platform; a likely scenario could be a customer visiting a website on his or her smartphone and initiating a browser-based video call. Small business owners in Adelanto need to be prepared for this upcoming trend with at least a basic solution in place.