The Future of Web Conferencing in Victorville

The Future of Web Conferencing in Victorville

By the end of this decade, a business meeting in Victorville may include attendants who participate from an Apple Valley office while others may be on a train traveling through Europe. This meeting may include more than just live audio and a video feed; it may also feature a slide show and a whiteboard for collaboration.

How VoIP Powers Victorville Web Conferencing

The above scenario can be accomplished these days with a few select apps and Victorville services that can run on devices that meet certain system requirements. This is known as Web conferencing, and the near future for this technology is very promising and exciting.

Web conferencing is clearly becoming one of the most important tools for Victorville business communication in the 21st century, and this growth is being powered by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

The feature-rich VoIP technology already offers many elements of business communications. For instance, the Find-Me and Follow-Me features are essential for getting people to join meetings whether they have been invited or not. Let's say a conference call is in progress at a law firm in Victorville, and the attendants need the input of a senior partner who was not invited to the call and who is also traveling at the moment.

Stay in Contact Anytime, Anywhere

If the law firm in the example above is supported by a VoIP installed by Sonic Systems in Victorville, the senior partner can be reached on his smartphone as long as the Find-Me and Follow-Me functions have been properly configured. In this fashion, he can be added to the conference call in progress without having to dial any special numbers that require password authentication.

In the near future, that same senior partner can be invited to join not just a Victorville conference call but also a multimedia session with video, slides, file sharing, and document collaboration in real-time. The partner can receive a text message or urgent notification with a link to the Web conference in session; an easy authentication may be required, but the new participant will be logged in and ready to interact in seconds.


To a certain extent, a business solution such as Skype can handle scenarios similar to the above, but it would require not just the app but also other requirements. The future of Web conferencing in Victorville and the High Desert is to allow a fully interactive business meeting to unfold via any browser and standard equipment such as microphones and cameras.