The Interesting Next Generation of VoIP Hardware

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VoIP: Simplicity and Convenience for Business Owners
April 8, 2017
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June 6, 2017

The Interesting Next Generation of VoIP Hardware

The Interesting Next Generation of VoIP Hardware | Victorville Unified Communications

As more business owners in Victorville and the High Desert switch from PBX to VoIP systems, there is a strong focus on unified communications and software solutions that offer the option of abandoning handsets completely.

Unified Communications Boosts Productivity

With unified communications, companies can equip desktops, laptops, and tablets with headsets for voice calls or else they can use the integrated speaker and microphone combination found in most personal computing devices these days. The added advantage of accessing unified communications via mobile apps or web portals means that smartphones can replace desk phones and that companies can adopt Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

We are clearly in an era of BYOD and software phones, also known as softphones, but business owners should not feel as if they must ditch handsets altogether. If anything, the unified communications paradigm is prompting hardware manufacturers to come up with interesting new designs in terms of office phones.

Respected Japanese tech giant Panasonic recently introduced the KX-NSX1000 system, which is essentially an advanced unified communications server for companies that want to host their own VoIP solution. The server comes with wireless handsets that evoke a classic desk phone design and feature programmable buttons with no display screen.

German electronics firm Snom offers small wireless VoIP handsets that evoke the feel of classic Nokia feature phones. Two programmable buttons and a small screen provide unified communications functionality, but the Snom M325 DECT kit is a solution that will mostly appeal to companies that need to give employees the freedom to walk around the office and the ability to put their work phones in their pockets. Canadian company Apivio offers a similar solution with the Liberty L2 handset.

Options Available for High Desert VoIP Integration

Business owners who need a traditional multi-line desk phone that can be used by a receptionist or handle conference calls via speakerphone will appreciate the Cisco SPA525G, which features a large color screen that can display graphics, video and even play MP3s.

In the near future, Cisco may roll out full-featured desk phones with touchscreen powered by a special version of the Android operating system, which will essentially make it a tablet attached to an office phone.

With all the talk about the WebRTC protocol and the future of unified communications, it is refreshing to know that handsets such as the ones listed above are still being manufactured. Not all business owners are ready to ditch their office phones, and they may be interested in trying out the new VoIP handsets.[/su_column]
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