The Reality of Using an Apple Valley VoIP Fax System in 2019

The Reality of Using an Apple Valley VoIP Fax System in 2019 | High Desert Sonic Systems

Business communications have been thoroughly transformed and improved by technology, but many of its underlying methods remain the same. Office calls, for example, have largely migrated from PBX to Voice over Internet Protocol and wireless systems, but we still use handsets and phone numbers. Messaging platforms such as Slack have many advantages over email, but we are nowhere close to abandoning this foundational component of the internet. Even faxing does not seem to be ready to be going away; in fact, a 2017 IDC survey conducted among 200 large enterprises in various countries revealed that more than 80% still send and receive faxes.

The Increased Effectiveness of Fax in VoIP Solutions

If faxing continues to be a business process of your Apple Valley company, you probably operate in the legal, healthcare, or manufacturing sectors. American businesses are hardly the only ones sending faxes; this practice is still active in Germany and Japan. What these countries have in common is that they are getting rid of their fax machines. The use of VoIP fax systems is on the rise, and this is something you can easily implement in your Apple Valley company.

With an Apple Valley VoIP fax system, you can accomplish a lot more than just ditching your loud and frustrating machines; your fax communications can become more efficient and paperless without the need of setting up a dedicated fax server. You do not have to print hard copies of faxes if you don't want to because they are delivered as digital files, which means they can be opened, edited, and forwarded as easily as email attachments.

A VoIP fax system is part of the modern Unified Communications business process that consolidates all office communications into a single online portal. What this means for your Apple Valley company is that faxes can be received across a variety of devices; from PC workstations to laptops and from tablets to smartphones, VoIP fax systems do not tie you to a single machine at the office, and you can always use scanners or even smartphone cameras to send fax transmissions.


Once your Apple Valley VoIP system is installed, setting it up for faxing is as simple as configuring a dedicated phone number; the software drivers will take care of performing the legacy handshake of fax protocols used by machines. Learn more about VoIP fax systems by contacting Sonic Systems today; we provide VoIP and networking services to business owners across the High Desert.