The Security Advantage of Cloud-Hosted VoIP Systems

VoIP Systems and the Customer Journey | Victorville Sonic Systems
VoIP Systems and the Customer Journey
July 9, 2020
The Coronavirus Pandemic Proves The World is Ready for WebRTC
The Coronavirus Pandemic Proves The World is Ready for WebRTC
September 28, 2020

The Security Advantage of Cloud-Hosted VoIP Systems

The Security Advantage of Cloud-Hosted VoIP Systems | Sonic Systems

There is no question that the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has given Voice over Internet Protocol the final push it needed to completely take over the Plain-Old Telephone System (POTS) and legacy PBX switches. Even outside of the business sector, VoIP is the new standard of personal communications; when you learn about AT&T and other major wireless carriers warning about the upcoming switch to Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE), this is essentially the future of VoIP.

The Demand for Effective Communication Solutions in 2020

Millions of employees around the world are now connecting to corporate networks from their homes; this is largely done to comply with the social distancing recommendation designed to mitigate SARS-CoV-2 contagion. To this effect, three types of VoIP connections are being used, and they are similar to the way cloud networks are categorized:

  • Public solutions such as Zoom and Skype.
  • Private VoIP solutions hosted on-premise.
  • Cloud-hosted VoIP systems.

The first category has come to the forefront during the pandemic because many business organizations, including government agencies, were caught by surprise when the pandemic hit. Immediate availability was a deciding factor; just about everyone has a smartphone equipped with everything you need to join video conference calls, and apps such as Skype and Zoom made this possible with relative ease. The security problem with this approach was revealed almost immediately with cybercrime trends such as Zoom bombing and Skype jacking.

Private VoIP solutions have fared better in terms of security, but they are not within the reach of all business owners. In essence, you have to transform your office into a cloud data center that also supports a VoIP system; then, you have to configure the network to match your security measures and policies. Finally, a network administrator, along with technicians, need to be on top of their game to prevent issues related to intrusions and breaches.

Cloud-hosted VoIP systems have fared much better in terms of security during the pandemic, and this can be explained by the default security measures of the data centers where they are hosted. These VoIP systems are constantly monitored by automated means that immediately alert network technicians when security risks are detected. It is easier to enact “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies within cloud-hosted VoIP systems, and measures such as multi-factor authentication are easier to manage.

When you need to manage a workforce that must stay at home during the pandemic or for any other reasons, cloud-hosted VoIP systems are the secure way to go. To learn more about this solution, please contact Sonic Systems in Victorville today.