Understanding the Three Types of VoIP Calling

How VoIP Saves People Money and When a Transition Makes Sense
How VoIP Saves People Money and When a Transition Makes Sense
July 2, 2021

Understanding the Three Types of VoIP Calling

Understanding the Three Types of VoIP Calling | Sonic VoIP

Imagine needing to make a quick call at work and making only a few clicks with the mouse at the computer before placing a call, all without any actual phone. Part of VoIP’s promise is cheaper phone calls, and there are a few separate ways to make a VoIP call, even some with a phone. VoIP has become a critical technology for business as the cost of supporting calls across an entire business shrink dramatically using VoIP technology. The three distinct kinds of VoIP calls allow a variety of unique methods of placing calls. They are ATA calling, computer-to-computer calling, and IP phone calls.

Analog Telephone Adaptor

The typical VoIP call uses an ATA, or analog telephone adaptor, to place VoIP calls. The device allows users to connect a standard phone to the internet to use for VoIP. ATA devices emulate the features available with VoIP technology. One of the most apparent benefits of VoIP is that an ATA device can take an old analog phone and make calls with it over the internet.

Computer-to-Computer Calling

While ATAs make VoIP calling easy with an ordinary phone, computer-to-computer calling means everything needed to use VoIP is a computer with a working internet connection. Some people will find not needing any more equipment than their computer a blessing. Computer-to-computer calling is the simplest VoIP method to set up and use. Not every type of VoIP needs to make use of special equipment to place calls. Computer-to-computer calling gives VoIP a broader audience.

IP Phone Calls

IP phones connect to an internet router to make calls using VoIP. These phones look and feel like regular landline phones, and they are an all-in-one device for using VoIP. IP phones are the right choice for more features, better call quality, and enhanced security. The correct choice for a business is often IP VoIP. IP VoIP calling is another strong choice to consider when selecting between the various kinds of VoIP.

If somebody is considering switching to VoIP technology, they should know about the distinct types of VoIP out there. Once they do, selecting the VoIP equipment and service that they need will be a breeze. There is a VoIP solution suiting anyone and any business from ATA and computer-to-computer calling to IP VoIP. VoIP is a game-changing technology that can save people and businesses money on their phone service. One of these various kinds of VoIP calling is often perfect for so many customers.