Understanding Virtual Phone Numbers in Apple Valley

Understanding Virtual Phone Numbers in Apple Valley | Sonic Systems VoIP

As more business owners implement VoIP service in their Apple Valley companies, they are warming up to the various advanced features that this low-cost phone systems offer. Virtual phone numbers are among the most interesting features, and they are extremely convenient for business use.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Business VoIP Services

While virtual numbers are more effective when they are used in conjunction with VoIP service, Apple Valley companies can take advantage of this feature even if they don't have a business phone system.

Essentially, a virtual number is not coupled to a physical telephone. It is not assigned to a desk phone or to a private branch exchange (PBX) office system. Virtual numbers are not even coded into SIM cards, although they can be assigned to an Internet account or to a mobile app.

The most common use of virtual phone numbers is to forward calls. Let's say a law firm in Apple Valley hires a new associate who will mostly be expected to work on the road; she can be assigned her own virtual work number to ring on her smartphone, which eliminates the need to give her a company mobile phone.

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Virtual numbers also eliminate location constraints by providing a local presence. Let's say an e-commerce retailer based in Apple Valley wishes to attract prospective customers who live in Philadelphia with an online advertising campaign. A toll-free number may be an option in this regard, but what about a local number that starts with the iconic 215 area code? Customers will certainly feel more comfortable calling this local numbers instead of paying for a long-distance call, but the call will ultimately be forwarded to Apple Valley.

With virtual phone numbers, Apple Valley business owners can even establish international presences. When the American real estate market was in a rut a few years ago, real estate agents in Miami Beach used virtual phone numbers to attract Brazilian buyers interested in buying luxury condos at bargain prices. These sophisticated buyers can easily make a Skype call to Florida, but they appreciate being able to dial a number in Rio de Janeiro to be connected to a real estate office in the United States.


Sonic Systems provided more than just virtual numbers in Apple Valley. Entire virtual phone systems are a better option for local businesses that are hoping to expand their operations. Unlike legacy PBX, VoIP systems can be scaled easily and at very low costs.