Understanding VoIP and Unified Communications

Why VoIP Solutions are Vital to the Restaurant Industry | High Desert Local Business
Why VoIP Solutions are Vital to the Restaurant Industry
June 6, 2017
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VoIP Solutions for High Desert Medical Offices
August 11, 2017

Understanding VoIP and Unified Communications

Understanding VoIP and Unified Communications | Victorville Business Phones

In the current business environment of the High Desert, business owners can upgrade their offices with standalone Voice over Internet Protocol packages or Unified Communications, respectively abbreviated as VoIP and UC. The ongoing enterprise trends allow companies to choose between one or the other; it is important to note that UC requires some level of VoIP at the present time, and it is also important to understand what these two solutions offer.

How do VoIP Telecommunication Solutions Function

VoIP is a very advanced solution that improves upon the private branch exchange mode of telephone communications that is still being used by some companies in Victorville, Apple Valley and Hesperia. VoIP is focused on inbound and outbound calling, but it also opens the door to advanced functionality such as video conferencing. Switching to VoIP is a good move for any type of business, from law firms to dental clinics and from pizza delivery chains to call centers.

UC is an advanced mode of business communications that will likely become a paradigm in the next decade. UC is based on cloud VoIP systems, and it involves placing all business communications on the internet protocol, which means being able to send text messages, place video calls, conduct interactive whiteboard sessions, schedule remote meetings, integrate CRM systems, and more. The voice calls will always be handled by the VoIP protocol, which will soon become a standard that no longer needs to be mentioned.

How Unified Communications Prepare Your Business for the Future

When observing the direction that business communications are taking, it is safe to assume that hosted UC platforms are the future. Even call centers that only deal with voice communications now will start to start to integrate UC functions in the near future. In fact, a research group headed by Google is developing the WebRTC protocol to allow video calls to be placed within web pages.

On the surface, UC solutions may not appear to be adequate for all High Desert companies. A Victorville mortgage brokerage that is used to doing business almost entirely over the phone may prefer standalone VoIP; nonetheless, certain UC features such as document imaging, text messaging, email, and project management can be implemented for the purpose of making the office more productive.

VoIP and UC are in a state of transition. Although office desk phones are still being made for VoIP systems, many business owners seem to be more interested in purchasing PC headsets for their staff members. The fact that UC solutions integrate with productivity software means that employees can virtually access the office with from their smartphones; for this reason, UC will clearly become the next business standard.[/su_column]
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