Understanding VoIP HD Audio in Victorville

Understanding VoIP HD Audio in Victorville | Local Business VoIP Connections

Wideband audio is an important aspect of Voice over Internet Protocol systems that is seldom talked about. When you plan on installing a VoIP system in your Victorville office, HD audio is something that you will want to experience along with the quality of service (QoS). HD audio is sometimes referred to as HD voice, and it refers to the quality of the audio signals delivered through broadband connections.

The History of Toll Quality

To understand HD audio in Victorville, it helps to review the history of what used to be known as toll quality. When digital telephony was going through its initial stages of development in the 1980s, the term toll quality was used by engineers who sought to replicate the effects of analog signal amplification. Analog signals that transmit voice calls tend to lose quality as they travel long distances; for this reason, state-to-state and international calls had to be amplified.

During a period of substantial advancement in digital telephony, international calls were improved by means of pulse code modulation (PCM), which resulted in long-distance calling sounding better than local calls; in other words, a call between Frankfurt and Victorville sounded better than a call within the local access and transport area (LATA) of the High Desert. This improvement would later be called toll quality, and it became a focus of telephony engineers who wanted to replicate that quality within Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Victorville VoIP Brings HD Audio to Local Businesses

With the advent of VoIP technology, toll quality evolved into HD audio through the implementation of codecs. For business owners in Victorville, HD audio can be implemented through QoS, which boils down to sufficient bandwidth to handle call volume and telephony equipment.

The codecs required to achieve HD audio can be found in most modern operating systems; the necessary equipment is already installed in most VoIP phones and headsets. Quite a few smartphones already feature HD audio codecs, which means that a Victorville company that transfers VoIP calls to mobile devices will get the same voice quality enjoyed in the office.


There is no need to compromise between QoS and HD audio in Victorville. As long as there is enough bandwidth to handle 10 calls at the same time, HD voice can be attained. In terms of equipment, phones and headsets that can handle digital audio will provide HD audio; however, existing analog phones can still be used by means of VoIP adapters. Since PCM is no longer an issue, voice conversations between Shanghai and Victorville will feature the same HD audio quality as calls between Apple Valley and Hesperia.