Unified Communications for Your Victorville Business

Unified Communications for Your Victorville Business | Sonic Systems VoIP

Nearly 90 percent of business entities in the United States are using VoIP systems in at least one of their offices, but not all of them have implemented Unified Communications solutions. If you replaced your Victorville office phone lines with a VoIP system a few years ago, you might want to upgrade to a full Unified Communications (UC) solution.

The Power of Unified Communication Systems in Victorville

The UC business paradigm is very powerful and complex, but it is very easy to use and understand. If you are familiar with customer relationship management (CRM) applications such as Salesforce, you can easily get the hang of Victorville Unified Communications systems. If you have used Skype for Business, formerly known as Microsoft Lync, you have already participated in a small, yet scalable, UC environment, and the same goes for Slack for Office 365.

A California company that has enjoyed great success after switching to Unified Communications is the Raymond Corporation, which is based in Fremont but operates seven regional offices across the Golden State. Raymond Corp. is in the forklift business; the company went from analog to full VoIP and Unified Communications, which replaced its old mess of voice mail, email servers and free instant messaging apps that did not sync with their CRM software.

Advancements Possible Through Victorville Unified Communication Solutions

You can imagine the operational challenges that Raymond Corp. went through with its old PBX systems. Whenever an upgrade was needed, technicians had to travel to each of the eight locations for implementation and testing.

Raymond Corp. decided to install a cloud-based Unified Communications solution at its headquarters. With UC, there is also an option to install on-premise, which is something that may fit the business needs of certain businesses such as law firms that need to handle very sensitive communications.

Once Raymond Corp. scaled its Unified Communications system across all eight locations, telephone calls between offices were suddenly free of charge. All employees used the same instant messaging application and email program, which can be accessed from just about any device that connects to the internet by means of a modern browser. Voice mail, email, phone calls, chat sessions, text messages, and document sharing can be conducted through a single interface. For Raymond Corp., the difference has been like night and day.


Implementing Unified Communications in your Victorville office can transform the way you do business. You will need VoIP in order to implement VoIP; however, you can get away with using Skype for Business if you are self-employed or operate a micro company. For more information about Unified Communications for Your Victorville Business.