Upgrading Your Adelanto Business With a Digital Receptionist

Upgrading Your Adelanto Business With a Digital Receptionist | Local Business VoIP Connections

Adelanto is one of the High Desert cities where business is expected to grow at a very fast pace over the next few years. In March 2018, the McElroy Metal factory on Koala Road signaled its intention to stay in the region by installing more than 600 rooftop solar panels; furthermore, Corix Bioscience, an industrial hemp laboratory, announced its plans to establish an operations facility in this burgeoning California city.

Digital Receptionists Support the Growth of Adelanto Businesses

Amidst all this business growth, companies in Adelanto should plan on upgrading their business communications infrastructure, particularly as it relates to handling and managing the flow of incoming calls. A digital receptionist could be exactly what an Adelanto growing company needs as it expands its operations.

Digital receptionists, also known as auto-attendants, are special features of Voice over Internet Protocol systems. In essence, digital receptionists provide a series of voice menu trees that incoming callers can use to be transferred to a specific department, extension or individual.

With an Adelanto digital receptionist, your clients and customers can be greeted with a recorded message prompting them to choose from a number of options. One of the functions available to your callers is a directory that allows them to find employees by name and be connected to their extensions. In case the employee is not available, your callers can leave a voicemail message or request to be transferred to another employee.

Benefits to Adelanto Digital Receptionists & VoIP Communications

Let's say your company manufactures and sells aftermarket parts for various brands of refrigerators. Once you install a VoIP phone system in your office, you can start setting up your Adelanto digital receptionist as follows:

  • * Informational greeting
  • * Main menu
  • * Sales
  • * Customer service
  • * Accounting
  • * Company directory

Since the bread and butter of your company is likely to be your sales department, you may want to set up your digital receptionist with a couple of calling queues so that the orders keep flowing. If the second queue is also busy, your callers can be prompted to leave a voicemail message. You can do the same for the customer service department; if your company grows at a very fast rate, you can scale up your VoIP system and set up a call center.


Activating the digital receptionist feature in your Adelanto VoIP system is a cost-effective measure that can help you manage communications as your business keeps growing. For more information about digital receptionists and other advanced business communications features, contact Sonic VoIP today.