Unified Communications

Unified Communication

Many small and local Victorville businesses can benefit from the advantages of a unified communication system. A unified communication system streamlines the entirety of a company's communication technology under a single simple and easy to use solution. Through a unified communication system, a company can achieve better collaboration, superior customer service, and improved productivity.

A Single Integrated System for Improved Productivity

Unified Communications solutions include traditional business telephones, VoIP digital calling, smartphones, instant messaging, faxes, voice mail, email, web conferencing, and more - everything that a company needs to build a solid communications infrastructure. When communication tools are cobbled together from separate parts, it can be difficult for employees to connect with each other. By creating a single unified, integrated system, you make sure that there are no barriers in the way of productivity and collaboration. Employees will always know when their colleagues are available and will be able to connect with colleagues anywhere in the globe.

  • See the presence of your colleagues
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Single unified telecommunication solution
  • Eliminate confusing third-party extensions

A Usable Solution for Any Infrastructure

SonicVoIP and Sonic Systems can create a unified communications solution that does not require an investment in expensive infrastructure, equipment, and physical hardware. A unified communications system is a software platform that runs through your existing Internet. In fact, you don't even need an office phone if you don't want it: a simple headset and a laptop is enough to use the telecommunications solutions offered through SonicVoIP. Sonic Systems will work with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and many other platforms, as many of the involved solutions can launch through a simple web browser.

  • Leverage existing servers
  • Completely software based
  • Professional set-up and management
  • Make calls from your computer and smartphone

Leveraging Technology for Better Communication

A unified communications system doesn't just integrate communications technology, it also improves and enhances it. Through the unified communications offered by Sonic Systems, faxes can be automatically converted to PDFs and voicemails can be sent directly to emails as sound files. This makes it much easier for employees to track their communications during their busy day at work, and ultimately it improves both inter-office communications and customer service. By ensuring that employees are always accessible to clients, a company can also ensure that no issues go unnoticed or unresolved.

  • Forward voicemails to inbox
  • Faxes are received as PDF files
  • Easy backup and redundancy
  • Avoid unnecessary call transfers

A unified communications system is ideal for any business looking to improve upon their telecommunications infrastructure. If you want to learn more about the advantages of Sonic Systems and SonicVoIP, contact us today. We service small businesses and local businesses throughout Victorville and surrounding areas.