VoIP and Major Power Outages in the High Desert

VoIP Solutions for High Desert Medical Offices | Victorville Business Phones
VoIP Solutions for High Desert Medical Offices
August 11, 2017
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Emerging Trends in the VoIP Industry
October 5, 2017

VoIP and Major Power Outages in the High Desert

VoIP and Major Power Outages in the High Desert | Victorville Business Phones

After the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma in Texas and Florida, many business owners in the affected regions are doing their best to recover and to put their companies back into operational status. The extensive damage suffered in many cities has put modern communications systems into focus, and thus this is a good time to discuss how to manage Voice over Internet Protocol systems in case of a natural disaster.

In the past, copper wire landlines were considered to be very effective in the wake of an earthquake because they often worked even during a power outage. The same cannot be said of VoIP systems because they rely on electricity and broadband internet connections.

If these two services are not available after a natural disaster, company owners have the following options to ensure business continuity:

Battery Backup Systems

When installing a VoIP business system, companies should inquire about the ability to run from a battery backup or from an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit. These emergency systems recharge continuously and can provide power for a few hours or just long enough to set up a generator.

UPS and battery backup systems can handle a few VoIP adapters, routers, switches, and computers. As long as broadband internet service has not been interrupted, UPS units can provide some business continuity.

VoIP and Mobile Solutions

As Hurricane Irma approached South Florida, emergency officials advised residents to ensure that their smartphones were charged before the storm made landfall. Modern cell phone towers that handle 3G, 4G and LTE connections are built to endure hurricane-force winds; moreover, main towers are also equipped with backup generators. Modern wireless service providers often deploy Cell on Light Trucks (COLTs) solutions to provide coverage in case of emergency.

Business owners who install unified communications along with their VoIP systems can take advantage of wireless broadband by accessing their office networks from their smartphones or tablets; they can do this through mobile apps or browser portals. What this means for business owners is the ability to continue running their companies as long as they can keep their mobile devices charged up.

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