VoIP, Emergency Services, and Commercial Insurance

Emerging Trends in the VoIP Industry | Victorville Business Telecommunication
Emerging Trends in the VoIP Industry
October 5, 2017
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VoIP, Emergency Services, and Commercial Insurance

VoIP, Emergency Services, and Commercial Insurance | Victorville Telecommunication

As an advanced digital communications technology, Voice over Internet Protocol has enjoyed solid development and widespread adoption with very few issues. About a decade ago, the most pressing for the VoIP industry was related to 911 emergency services, which did not work correctly when accessed from VoIP lines. This issue was eventually ironed out when the Enhanced 911 (E-911) solution was rolled out, but every now and then there are reports of unsuccessful calls made to 911 from VoIP devices.

In October 2017, a medical emergency in Mississippi was complicated after a resident of the municipality of Brandon was unable to contact 911 dispatchers on his first two attempts. The resident explained that he heard a busy signal after dialing 911 on two occasions; he finally got through, but dispatchers had to ask about his location because nothing showed up on the local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) system.

Preparing Local Businesses with Emergency Services

An investigation by the local police department determined that the resident had not properly signed up with the E-911 system, which requires providing a physical address along with backup phone numbers, usually assigned to mobile devices, that are registered on the PSAP database.

Emergency 911 systems never ring busy because they have a rollover feature similar to the one provided by business VoIP systems. In the aforementioned case, the issue was traced back to the residential VoIP service provider.

It is important for business owners in the High Desert region to make sure that their offices are registered with the E-911 system. Any obstacles that get in the way of s contacting 911 dispatchers may result in increased liability for the company, which in turn may raise insurance premiums on commercial policies.

Sonic VoIP clients should promptly report the address of the offices where VoIP lines are being used. Since VoIP systems can be vulnerable to power and internet outages, business owners may want to consider installing backup power supply solutions; moreover, a smartphone that can access the office VoIP system is a good idea in terms of emergency and disaster recovery planning.

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